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The Austrian Academy for Sexual Medicine maintains an open interdisciplinary, holistic humanistic concept of human sexuality oriented on the scientifically-based understanding, as well as its practical-clinical application. In particular, this means:

Bio-psychosocial Understanding of Man1  and His Sexuality


More and more, concentration has been placed on the holistic, indivisible man and his body, psyche (meaning intellectual and emotional condition) and his social-cultural integration in the environment. All three areas are typically affected at the same time and influence each other. For this reason, it is necessary to overcome the still prevalent dualistic division of EITHER – OR. For example, the question as to whether erectile dysfunction is organic or a mental disorder, or as to whether it should be treated by an urologist or a psychiatrist falls short of human reality.


1 General concepts such as doctor, expert, patient, partner, etc. always refer to both sexes.